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BBC Business News Feed: Deliveroo boss Will Shu: 'I was never into start-ups'

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 10:41
Will Shu's comments come as the food delivery firm sets out flotation plans but reports another loss.

BBC Business News Feed: BP staff set to work from home two days a week

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 10:23
The oil giant told staff last month that the new model will start for office-based staff this summer.

BBC Business News Feed: Virgin sues partner over claims about its brand value

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 04:09
Brightline dropped the Virgin name from its trains saying its reputation has been damaged from the pandemic.

BBC Business News Feed: Billionaire Mackenzie Scott marries science teacher

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 03:41
The ex-wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos is one of the world's richest women and a major philanthropist.

BBC Business News Feed: China says manufacturing 'greatness' still 30 years away

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 02:25
While many already see China as the world's factory its leaders want less dependence on US technology.

BBC Business News Feed: 'We women are pushed out of work because of childcare. It's hurtful'

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 00:17
The stories of two US women who lost their jobs early on in the pandemic - and haven't worked since.

BBC Business News Feed: Women set for '£100,000 pension pay gap' with men

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 00:17
A young woman today would have to work 40 years more to retire with the same amount, research suggests.

BBC Business News Feed: Cladding rules: New guidance to help flat owners stuck in 'limbo'

Mon, 03/08/2021 - 00:11
The recommendations aim to reduce the number of safety checks banks request on blocks of flats.

Entrepreneur: Why Entrepreneurs Must Demand More From Healthcare

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 20:15
The main reason is as blunt as it is true: employees who can't work are expensive.

BBC Business News Feed: French MP and billionaire Olivier Dassault dies in helicopter crash

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 19:37
President Macron says Olivier Dassault's death in a helicopter crash in Normandy is a great loss.

BBC Business News Feed: Deliveroo to hand riders up to £10,000 in UK float

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 10:17
The food delivery firm, set to be valued at $7bn (£5bn), will also offer shares to takeaway customers.

Entrepreneur: This Is the Maximum Number of Hours You Should Work to Avoid Stress

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 03:00
Are you one of those who spends more than 40 hours a week in the office? According to science, you could be damaging your cognitive process if you work more than three days.

Entrepreneur: 5 Ways to Feel More Confident, According to Science

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 03:00
Increase your confidence and security in any situation thanks to these scientifically endorsed strategies.

BBC Business News Feed: What's your pension invested in?

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 00:15
While pension pots are going green, how easy is it to dump investments in tobacco or gambling?

BBC Business News Feed: Ikea boss warns tariffs will lead to higher prices

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 00:05
Jesper Brodin, who heads the firm, says he fears global trade tensions will mean customers must pay more.

Entrepreneur: How to Get Rid of the Beliefs That Keep You From Reaching Your Full Potential

Sun, 03/07/2021 - 00:00
They are a series of deeply ingrained thoughts that were fixed in our subconscious by an authority figure or by our own experiences.

Entrepreneur: Morning Routine Mistakes Could Cost You Productivity and Peace

Sat, 03/06/2021 - 19:15
Whatever you do, don't open your eyes and grab your phone.

Entrepreneur: 3 HR Strategies You Need to Know for a Post-Pandemic World

Sat, 03/06/2021 - 17:00
As normalcy returns to the world and the workplace, staying connected to your team is more important than ever.

Manufacturing Business For Sale: Window Manufacturer And Installer For Sale

Sat, 03/06/2021 - 15:49
A FENSA-registered window and door manufacturing and installation company for UPVC windows, doors and patio/conservatory products, in addition to the supply of aluminium products, timber doors and windows,

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Interim Healthcare

Sat, 03/06/2021 - 15:00
Interim Healthcare describes itself as 'the leading home care, hospice and medical staffing company.'